NCERT Books Row: Educationists objected to the changes in NCERT books, so what did the UGC chief say?

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NCERT Books Row: University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman M Jagadesh Kumar came to the rescue of NCERT in the midst of a controversy arising out of changes in the textbooks of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

He said that there is no merit in the objections of some educationists and it is unwarranted to be targeted by them. Kumar’s remarks came days after academicians Suhas Palsikar and Yogendra Yadav wrote to the NCERT to remove his name as a chief advisor from political science textbooks.

A day earlier, 33 educationists had requested the NCERT to remove their names from the books, saying their collective creative effort was in danger.

What did UGC say?
UGC chief M Jagadesh Kumar tweeted, “Recently, some educationists targeted NCERT over the revision of textbooks, which is unwarranted. The present change in textbooks is not happening for the first time. NCERT has also amended textbooks from time to time.

He said that NCERT has also confirmed that it is preparing new textbooks on the basis of the National Curriculum Framework on School Education released recently. The existing textbooks have been rationalized to reduce the academic load, which is only a temporary step.

Kumar said that in such a situation, there is no merit in the ‘objections’ of these educationists. The reason for expressing such dissatisfaction is not the Academy, but something else.

What did the academics say?
In a joint statement, 73 educationists on Thursday (June 15) alleged that there has been a deliberate attempt over the past three months to defame the NCERT and it shows the “intellectual arrogance of educationists who want students to study 17-year-old textbooks”. Keep reading only. ,

The statement said, “Deliberate attempts are being made for the last three months to defame the premier government body NCERT and to obstruct the much-needed process to update the syllabus.”

In view of this, there is no merit in the hue and cry of these “academicians”. There seems to be a motive other than academic reasons behind their grumbling.

– Mamidala Jagdish Kumar (@mamidala90) June 16, 2023

What is the matter?
The controversy started last month over the removal of several topics and passages from NCERT textbooks. Crucial to the controversy is the fact that the changes were notified as part of the textbook’s rationalization exercise, but some of the content controversially removed was not mentioned.

The NCERT has included ‘Impact of Mahatma Gandhi’s Death on the communal situation in the Country, Gandhi’s Concept of Hindu-Muslim unity provoked Hindu Extremists,’ and ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)’ from the Class 12 Political Science textbook for the new academic session. ) recently removed several text parts including ‘Banning for a while on organizations like.

At the same time, part of the Gujarat riots has also been removed from the 11th-class sociology book. The NCERT, however, had said that the exercise to rationalize the syllabus was done last year and what has happened this year is not new.

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