More than 1000 buses, 5000 four wheelers, 2.5 lakh people stuck in traffic till midnight in Bengaluru

Bengaluru traffic jam: The problem of traffic jam is often seen in Bengaluru on the occasion of Diwali, but this time the jam has broken all records. On Friday night, more than 1000 buses and 50 thousand other vehicles were stuck in this jam, in which there were about 2.5 lakh people. These vehicles took to the city roads between 8 pm and 2 am and were moving in different directions, following which a massive traffic jam was seen.

According to TOI report, Bengaluru Traffic Commissioner MN Anucheth said that among the places where huge crowd was seen on Friday night were the satellite bus stand and different bus terminals on Mysuru Road. He said the evacuation began in the evening and continued for hours. At places where there were bus stands or pick-up points, we put up barricades to stop people from coming on the roads and disrupting the traffic.

There is traffic jam every day

DCP (Traffic) Sachin Ghorpade said that the traffic jam became normal after 2 am on Saturday. He said that the jam started again on Saturday morning, but there were fewer vehicles than before. This is not the first time that the problem of traffic jam has been seen in Bengaluru, here traffic is seen every day and vehicles remain stuck in this jam. Sometimes there are reports of school vehicles getting stuck here and sometimes the situation is such that the jam does not clear for several hours. Not only this, pictures of this jam keep going viral on social media, but the question arises that for how long will people continue to struggle with this problem.

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