Monkey boarded the bus without ticket, started doing these things, you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing after watching the video

Lucknow Viral Video: We have often heard stories and poems in which a butterfly boards a bus and a monkey wears pyjamas, but what happens when these stories start coming true. Actually, in Lucknow, a monkey boarded the bus and not only got a seat, but the passengers did not find a way to escape. However, later the bus conductor took the passengers out safely.

This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which it is seen that first the monkey boards a roadways bus and sits on the seat. As soon as the monkey sits, all the passengers get scared. Moreover, they do not even find a way to escape from the bus. It is seen in the video that the monkey is caressing the hair of an elderly man. The elders also sat quietly without doing anything. Some passengers were seen calling the monkey Bajrang Bali while others kept looking at it with surprised eyes. The good thing is that the monkey did not harm any passenger.

Video going viral fast on social media
The roadways bus conductor told that this monkey suddenly boarded the bus and sat on the passengers’ seat. Seeing the monkey, the passengers also started shouting and came out of the bus. However, the monkey did not cause any harm to any passenger and started walking here and there in the bus. Later he came and sat on the seat, but when the passengers started getting scared, they started running out of the bus. This video of Lucknow is becoming very viral on social media, not only this, people are commenting fiercely on the video.

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