Manipur, Manipur, Manipur echoed in Rajya Sabha… TMC MP Brian shouted in anger

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Manipur violence: The incident of brutality with two women in Manipur has shaken the whole country. When the video of this shameful incident came to the fore, everyone who saw it was moved. There is a wave of anger in the whole country. There is uproar from Parliament to the road. Opposition parties are bombarding the government with questions. When the monsoon session started on Friday (July 20), only Manipur, Manipur echoed in the House. Opposition MPs unitedly demanded a discussion on Manipur. Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien shouted and asked where is PM Modi?

Citing Rule 267, Brian demanded suspension of all business and discussion only on Manipur. TMC MP said there is an urgent need to discuss Manipur. Any business can be suspended under Rule 267. This means that no other business can be transacted in the House.

PM will have to open his mouth – Brian

Brian further said, we want to discuss Manipur and the PM will have to open his mouth. How can a PM remain silent on this issue? Brian shouted, first of all this issue should be discussed. Where else will the rules come from. PM Modi will have to open his mouth. Manipur, Manipur, Manipur what kind of PM is he.

Manipur is burning, PM is silent – Kharge

On the Manipur incident, PM Modi made a statement outside the House and called it shameful, but the opposition MPs did not like it and demanded a statement from him inside the House. Speaking in the House, Congress President and Rajya Sabha MP Mallikarjun Kharge said, Manipur is burning. Women are being raped, they are being paraded naked and the Prime Minister is keeping quiet. They are giving statements outside (the House).

What did the PM say?

Addressing the media outside the House, PM Modi said, my heart is filled with anger and pain. The incident in Manipur is shameful for any civilized society. How many are the culprits, who are they in their own place, but the whole country is being insulted. 140 crore countrymen are feeling ashamed. PM Modi further said, I assure the countrymen that no guilty will be spared. What happened to the daughters of Manipur cannot be forgiven.

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