Mahua Moitra’s troubles may increase! Ethics Committee will now hold its next meeting on November 7.

Cash for query row: The Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha has called a meeting on November 7 to consider and adopt its draft report regarding the ‘cash-for-query’ allegations leveled against TMC MP Mahua Moitra. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has made serious allegations against Mahua.

According to news agency ANI, the meeting to adopt the draft report means that the committee headed by BJP MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar has completed its investigation and will now make its recommendations as its members meet in their last meeting on November 2. Were divided along party lines.

Majority of BJP members in the Ethics Committee

Meanwhile, BJP members have majority in the 15-member Ethics Committee. In such a situation, the committee can take a serious stance on Moitra’s case. Especially when he had made many serious allegations against Chairman Sonkar in the committee meeting and accused him of asking indecent and personal questions. The committee chairman had also denied such allegations.

Opposition members had made many serious allegations against the Speaker

Regarding the meeting held on November 2, the opposition members in the committee, BSP MP Danish Ali, JDU MP Girdhari Yadav and Congress MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy had described the questions asked by the Speaker to TMC MP Mahua as unethical, inappropriate and personal. Angered by this, the opposition MPs boycotted the meeting and staged a walkout.

What does the chairman of the committee have to say on the whole matter?

After Mahua Moitra’s allegations and the walkout of opposition MPs, committee chairman Vinod Sonkar had given clarification saying that instead of replying, the TMC MP got angry and used unparliamentary language.

Know what is the whole matter?

BJP MP from Jharkhand’s Godda Lok Sabha constituency Nishikant Dubey had recently alleged that TMC MP Moitra had taken money from businessman Darshan Hiranandani for asking questions in Parliament. In view of this, Moitra tried to tarnish the image of PM Modi by raising questions regarding Adani Group.

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