‘Mahatma Gandhi was a person with a somewhat complex personality’, why did Hardeep Singh Puri say this?

Mahatma Gandhi: The contribution of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in India’s freedom struggle has been well mentioned in writing. He was a person with a slightly complex personality. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said these things. The Union Minister said that Mahatma Gandhi talked about India’s help in the war during the First World War. Hardeep Puri mentioned many stories and sayings of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in a program organized in Delhi.

Prasar Bharati board member and senior journalist Ashok Tandon has written a book named ‘The Reverse Swing – Colonialism to Cooperation’. Union Minister Puri attended the release ceremony of this book and addressed the people here. He told how he talked about helping the British. The Union Minister told how the Father of the Nation’s education in England had an impact on his nature and what kind of barrister he was.

‘We are all followers of the Father of the Nation’

Union Minister Puri said, ‘There is a chapter in the book on Mahatma Gandhi. We all are followers of the Father of the Nation. In Bharat Nirman, his role in building bridges between the elite national movement and the common people is well documented. He said, ‘Mahatma Gandhi was a somewhat complex personality in himself. While living in Britain, he had actually asked to send India’s help for the war effort in the First World War. This is well mentioned in the documents.

‘Gandhi was an English style barrister’

Hardeep Puri said Gandhi’s early life and education in Britain helped prepare him as an ‘English-style barrister’. He said, ‘When he goes to South Africa, this is the Gandhi we know, who contributed to the shaping of our national movement.’ Referring to the content of the book, Puri said that one chapter in it is about how India has overtaken Britain to become the fifth largest economy in the world.

He said that I think most of us are happy about it. He said that when we become the third largest economy and overtake Japan and Germany, I do not think we will feel that good. He cited the historical relationship with Britain as the reason behind this.

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