Leopard entered Sainik Farm area of ​​Delhi, people were seen running in fear, watch video

Leopard in Delhi: There was a stir in Sainik Farm in Delhi when a leopard entered. Sainik Farm is one of the VIP areas of Delhi where there is tight security. It can be seen in the video that a leopard is going in front of the vehicle. Someone riding in this car has made this video.

Video of leopard roaming on the road goes viral

In the footage captured in CCTV, a person is seen running away after seeing the leopard, after which the leopard is also seen running behind him. After the video surfaced, the forest department team reached the spot and started the operation to catch the leopard.

A Delhi Forest Department official said, “A cage has been set up in the area to catch the leopard seen in military uniform. A team has been deployed at the spot.”

Forest department team busy in catching leopard

A team of 40 people is busy catching the leopard in the area, but the leopard has not been caught yet. There is an atmosphere of panic among the people due to leopard roaming on the streets of Delhi. It is seen in the video that along with the forest department, people from nearby areas are also searching for the leopard with sticks.

The official said that RWA security guards have also been called to the spot to catch the leopard. After this incident, an alert has been issued in the surrounding areas and people have been advised to be cautious.

A Wildlife Sanctuary official said that they went near the leopard to catch it, but it ran away. He told, “We could not render the leopard unconscious with the gun. To catch the leopard, cages will be placed on two sides. If the people around do not create much problem, the leopard will be trapped in the cage by evening.”

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