Lamp of faith lit in Gyanvapi after 31 years: When there was no court permission, which great Pandit had performed Rudrabhishek of Bholenath sitting at home?

A lamp was lit after 31 years on Wednesday (January 31) in the basement of Vyas ji in Gyanvapi Case of Varanasi. The District and Sessions Court of Varanasi had yesterday given permission to perform puja in the Vyas basement located in the Gyanvapi complex. After 2 o’clock in the night, lamps were lit and prayers were offered in the Vyas basement. There is an atmosphere of happiness on the Hindu side due to the court’s decision.

After the court’s decision, the administration meeting continued late at night. Following the court order, the administration opened the Vyas basement only after 11 hours and worship was performed. Varanasi District Magistrate S. himself gave this information. Rajalingam gave. On the orders of the court, he has been made the receiver of Vyas ji’s basement. There is a lot of happiness on the Hindu side regarding the court’s decision. Let us know what he has to say on this-

Pandit told how worship will be done in Vyas basement
Madhav Dutt Pandey, before worshiping in the Vyas basement of Gyanvapi in the morning, said that it is a matter of pride for every Hindu, for every Sanatani it is good morning, good morning religion. At the end of the fast of cultural history and religion, we considered that page regarding Kashi Vishwanath Temple as black, but yesterday evening the court has written such a beautiful handwriting that today’s influence has turned that handwriting into golden letters. Madhav Dutt Pandey said that today he will worship in his own voice as he was doing earlier. Our Indian government is praiseworthy. There should be such a government. We were not allowed inside till now, so we performed Rudrabhishek at home considering Baba Vishwanath.

He said, ‘In today’s puja, first we will bathe with Panchamrit, then we will dress the Lord, apply tilak, garland him, burn incense sticks, offer offerings, offer prayers and a vigorous aarti will also take place. Will worship as per the scriptures continuously in the morning and evening and will offer food to God in the afternoon. The process of worship of Baba Kashi Vishwanath will continue and Shayan Aarti will also be done with the same process. The tradition of Vyas ji and the Vyas family has been organizing very beautiful pujas and our government has given us a very beautiful opportunity. Everywhere Shiva.’ Madhav Dutt Pandey Vyas will conduct puja during the day in the basement, he also conducts the same puja in Kashi Vishwanath. In the same manner as the puja is performed in Kashi Vishwanath, the puja will be performed in the Vyas basement also.

Plaintiff Lakshmi Devi and her husband Sohan Lal Arya also arrived for darshan.
In the Gyanvapi case, the plaintiff Lakshmi Devi and her husband and Hindu party Sohan Lal Arya also reached the Vyas basement on Thursday morning. He told that right now the general public is not allowed to have darshan and worship. Sohan Lal Arya expressed happiness over the court’s decision and said that this is a glorious and big day for the Hindu society. We have been struggling for Gyanvapi for 40 years. We have been a plaintiff since 1995 and we are moving up the ladder step by step. We are waiting for that glorious day when a grand temple like Ayodhya will be built here too.

Right now people are not allowed to worship
Sohan Lal Arya told that he had darshan of Baba, but there is still a door towards the basement of Vyas ji, where darshan and worship is still closed. He told that the way has been given from next to Vishal Nandi. There is a complete door after cutting the barricading. We went there, but the policemen there said that worship is currently closed. The road will be opened as soon as the administration gives permission. Plaintiff Lakshmi Devi also said, ‘It is a big day for all Sanatanis that an order has been received from the district court for darshan in the basement of Vyas ji. We had gone for darshan, but right now there is no permission. Now the road has been cut and a door has been installed. Now the administration has been given one week’s time. The administration will make arrangements and then accordingly the public will get the opportunity to have darshan.

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