#JusticeForDrRitu dominates social media, know what is the matter

Dr. Ritu Singh : Delhi Police has detained Dr. Ritu Singh, former professor of Delhi University (DU). Some of his colleagues who were protesting in DU have also been detained. Ritu Singh, who is protesting to demand opening of the locks of VC office in Delhi University, is popular on social media.

People are continuously posting on social media with the trend #JusticeForDrRitu and have come out in her support. People have accused the police of being dictatorial and detaining them illegally. Let us understand what is the matter and why Ritu Singh is in the headlines.

Ritu is a former professor of Delhi University.
Dr. Ritu Singh is a Dalit professor of DU. She has been an ad-hoc teacher in the psychology department of Daulat Ram College, DU. About four years ago, Ritu had made serious allegations of caste discrimination against the Principal Dr. Savita Roy. However, he made this statement when he was thrown out of the college allegedly due to indecent conduct. He had said that he was thrown out of the college due to caste discrimination. After teaching as an assistant professor for about a year, he was removed.

Strike started demanding dismissal of principal
In 2020, he staged a protest against the dismissal of the principal. However, it did not help much and the matter went to court. Despite this she kept fighting her battle.

,Ritu used to give speeches in college.
While the principal accused Ritu Singh of making speeches in the class and making the students unhappy, the professor argued that he had never taught the students whose names the principal had mentioned. Dr. Ritu Singh’s case has also gone to SC Commission. Even after this, she was sitting on strike since September last year.

However, on Tuesday (January 9), Ritu Singh was on a dharna with some of her colleagues when Delhi Police detained her and removed her from the dharna. Ritu Singh has also campaigned against the suicide of Rohit Vemula, a PhD student of Hyderabad Central University.

People came out in support on social media
Now after Delhi Police took him into custody, ‘Justice for Ritu Singh’ and ‘Delhi Police’ are continuously trending on Twitter. Delhi Police has taken this action against protesting without permission. Ritu Singh has shared a video regarding the police action.

While sharing Professor Ritu’s video, Tribal Army founder Hansraj Meena has written that instead of giving justice to Dalit Professor Dr. Ritu Singh, who has been on strike in DU for the last 125 days, the Delhi Police forcibly removed her from the protest site. Destruction is a cowardly act. There is also an allegation of damaging the picture of Ambedkar Saheb, which is a condemnable act.

JusticeForDrRitu is trending on Twitter
Another video has also been shared from Tribal Army’s X handle, in which Delhi policemen and paramilitary force personnel are seen forcibly removing Ritu from the protest site.

It has been shared in the video that DU’s Dalit professor Ritu Singh was first discriminated against by the university’s principal Savita Rai. She had been protesting for justice outside the campus for four months against this injustice. Now, without getting justice, the police have picked him up from the protest site and detained him. Embarrassing. Other users are also tweeting with this hashtag.

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