Israeli embassy blast case: Delhi Police busy searching for the suspect who came in auto before the blast

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Police has started investigation in the case of explosion near Israeli Embassy in Delhi. The police suspect a person who came to the spot near the Israeli Embassy in an auto rickshaw. This person returned in an auto rickshaw shortly before the blast. Investigative agencies have started searching for this suspect.

Police say that it is too early to confirm or deny that the same person is the main suspect in the blast. However, that person has not been identified yet. Examination of CCTV footage revealed that this person was one of the 12 people who were present there before the blast.

According to Hindustan Times report, an official, on the condition of anonymity, said that before the explosion, two other people on a bike and a scooter were seen around the spot. Some of these people have been identified and verified. The two people seen in the auto have not been identified yet, the police is busy investigating them.

The officer said that first the auto has been identified and the driver was also interrogated. The driver confirmed that the passenger got down from the auto at Prithviraj Road. However, he has no information that after getting down from the passenger auto, he left in another auto. Efforts are on to identify the second auto which left towards India Gate carrying the passenger.

Another police officer said that along with using facial recognition technology to identify the people present at the spot before and after the blast outside the Israeli embassy, ​​CCTV footage installed nearby is also being scrutinized. Police have also recorded the statements of 10 people who heard the sound of the explosion outside the embassy.

Statements of at least 10 people, including security guards and passersby, have been recorded, who claimed they heard the blast and also saw some smoke, a police officer said. The official said that with the help of information regarding active mobile phones near the spot and CCTV camera footage, some people have been identified and some of them were interrogated on Thursday.

After the forensic report comes, it will be ascertained which material was used for the explosion. Forensic experts from the National Security Guard (NSG) and Delhi Police collected samples of leaves and soil from the spot on Wednesday. Their report is still awaited, the officer said. Officials said no one was injured in the incident, but a letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador was found near the incident site. The police have not registered the case yet. NIA officials are also engaged in investigation in this case.

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