Indigo flight forgot taxiway after landing at Delhi airport, know what happened next

IndiGo Airport: Indigo Airport plane became victim of a major accident on Sunday (February 11) at Delhi Airport. The Indigo Airlines plane lost its way to the taxiway after landing at the airport. News agency ANI has given this information through airport sources. Many flights were delayed in departure from runway 28/10 due to the aircraft missing the taxiway. The airport could become operational only after the aircraft was removed.

According to news agency PTI, the Indigo plane from Amritsar was arriving at Delhi’s ‘Indira Gandhi International Airport’. During this time, he had to face an accident after landing, because he forgot the path to the taxiway. Due to this, one runway of the airport had to be closed for about 15 minutes. The aircraft that lost the taxiway was an A320 aircraft, whose aircraft number was 6E 2221. There was no loss of any kind in this incident.

What happened after landing?

It was told that the plane landed normally, but then it forgot the path of the designated taxiway and while moving ahead reached the end of the runway. Due to this incident, flight operations were affected and the runway could not be used for 15 minutes. IndiGo sent a towing van immediately after the incident and then brought the aircraft from the end of the runway to the designated parking area. Only after this the work at the airport started normally.

What did Indigo say?

This incident has also been confirmed by Indigo Airlines. Company spokesperson has said that IndiGo flight 6E 2221 from Amritsar to Delhi lost its way to the exit taxiway after landing at Delhi airport due to low visibility. The plane was stopped on the runway and towed to the parking bay. In fact, there was dense fog in Delhi on Sunday morning, which has affected the airline services.

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