India’s pride will return! America will return more than 100 antiques stolen from the country

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US visit of PM Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced during his state visit that America will return more than 100 antiques stolen from India. Addressing the Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Center, he expressed happiness over America’s decision.

PM Modi interacted with the Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Center on Friday (June 23) during his first state visit to the US. He said, “I am happy that the US government has decided to return more than 100 antiquities of India, which were stolen from us. These antiquities had reached international markets. I thank the US government for this.” I express my gratitude.”

What else did PM Modi say about ancient objects?

The Prime Minister said, “These antiquities of Indian origin had reached the international market by right or wrong means, but America’s decision to return them to India shows the emotional connection between the two countries.”

Efforts to bring ancient objects to India

Efforts are being made to bring back ancient objects in an effort to revive India’s cultural and spiritual heritage. The Government of India is bringing back ancient artefacts from all over the world.

What did the Government of India say?

The Government of India stated, “Over the centuries, numerous priceless artefacts, some of which have deep cultural and religious significance, were stolen and smuggled abroad. making a positive effort to

Prime Minister Modi discussed this matter with global leaders on several foreign tours, due to which so far 251 ancient idols have been brought back home from abroad. Of this, 238 have been brought back since 2014. Earlier, the US had returned 307 ancient objects to India in 2022. These ancient objects were smuggled and stolen, which were worth about 4 million US dollars.

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