Indian bureaucrat Ashwini lashed out at British Airways and apologized to the airline

Ashwini Bhide Slams British Airways: United Kingdom’s airline British Airways has apologized to Indian bureaucrat Ashwini Bhide after her flight related complaint was raised on social media platform X. Ashwini Bhide is a 1995 batch Indian Administrative Service officer of Maharashtra cadre, who is known for her work on the Aqua Line of Mumbai Metro.

Ashwini Bhide, through her post on X on Saturday, claimed that she was downgraded from premium economy class at the time of check-in on the false pretext of overbooking.

What did Ashwini Bhide say?

Ashwini Bhide wrote in the post, “British Airways, are you cheating or following discriminatory or racist policies? How do you downgrade a premium economy passenger at the check-in counter on the false pretext of overbooking without paying the price difference, forget about compensation? I have been told that this is a normal practice of BA (British Airways).

Along with this, he also tagged Mumbai Airport, Aviation Regulator DGCA and Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia in the post. Responding to his post, the airline said, “We are saddened to hear what happened and apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

More users complained

Responding to Ashwini Bhide’s post, many other users have complained about bad behavior from the airline company. A user named Gaurav wrote, “…Later I saw that except me, all the other passengers had blankets. I complained to British Airways, no action was taken…”

A user named Ashish Wakankar wrote, “I flew BA once, they are bad and racist. Staff is disrespectful and lacks basic courtesy. Decided never to take his flight again…”

One user wrote, “Madam, He has violated DGCA rules. It is hoped that the competent authority will take this matter into consideration and help you get a refund as per the rules. One user wrote, “Taking money for premium class and not returning it after downgrade is fraud. On BA (British Airways) A fine should be imposed.

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