India is increasing its strength in land, water and sea, Defense Ministry approved Rs 84.5 thousand crores

Ministry of Defence: The Defense Ministry on Friday approved capital procurement proposals worth Rs 84,560 crore, including multi-role maritime aircraft, to boost the overall combat capabilities of the armed forces. The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) headed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has approved the procurement proposals. The proposals approved by DAC include new generation anti-tank landmine, air defense strategic control radar, heavy weight torpedoes, medium range maritime reconnaissance and multi-role maritime aircraft, flying refueller aircraft etc.

These weapons will be included in the Indian army

The Defense Ministry said the DAC approved the procurement of medium-range maritime reconnaissance and multi-role maritime aircraft to strengthen the surveillance capabilities of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. On behalf of the Ministry, it was said that with the aim of strengthening the air defense systems, the proposal for purchase of Air Defense Strategic Control Radar was also approved. The ministry said that DAC has provided necessary approval (AON) for the procurement of flight refueler aircraft to enhance the operational capabilities and reach of the Indian Air Force.

Approval for Navy and Coast Guard also

India on Wednesday (February 14) sealed a deal worth Rs 1752.13 crore with a Kanpur-based defense establishment for the manufacture and supply of a total of 463 indigenously made 12.7 mm Stabilized Remote Control Guns (SRCG) for the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. A statement from the Defense Ministry said that this acquisition will further strengthen the vision of self-reliance in defence.

“This contract will also open up a huge opportunity in defense manufacturing for more than 125 Indian vendors and defense public sector undertakings for a period of 5 years,” the official said. The contract was signed with.

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