In Maharashtra, a man drowned his girlfriend in a bucket, with the help of his wife, threw the body in Gujarat.

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Man drowns girlfriend in Maharashtra: Maharashtra Police has arrested a graphic designer on charges of murder of his girlfriend. While disclosing this sensational murder case, the police said that the wife of the accused has also supported him in this case. Police said that on August 9, accused Manohar Shukla allegedly killed his 28-year-old girlfriend by drowning her in a bucket of water at his house and disposed of the body with the help of his wife.

According to the police, the accused’s wife helped him in packing the body in the suitcase and then traveled 150 km with him on the scooter. The body was thrown near a drain in Valsad, Gujarat. Police said that to ensure that no one suspects them, the couple also took their two-year-old daughter along with them.

Murder revealed during investigation
According to a Times of India report, Manohar Shukla was arrested from his home in Vasai in the early hours of Tuesday (September 12). Later his wife Purnima was also arrested. The victim’s sister had filed a missing complaint of her sister Naina Mahat. His murder came to light during the investigation.

Naina had filed a complaint against Manohar in 2019
During interrogation, Manohar told the police that he murdered Naina Mahat. Naina was a hair stylist. Naina had filed a complaint of rape and harassment against Manohar in 2019. She had refused to withdraw these complaints, due to which Manohar murdered her.

Rape case was registered
Let us tell you that in August 2019, Naina had registered a case of rape, robbery and assault against Manohar at Valiv Police Station. A few days later, she also filed a case of assault against the Shukla family at Virar Police Station.

Affair continued even after marriage
Manohar told that Naina and he met in 2013. Naina lived in his neighbourhood. After a year, love affair started between them. However, Manohar got married to Purnima in 2018, but the relationship between them continued. Later Purnima came to know about his affair.

Revealed from CCTV footage
During the investigation, the police found that there was CCTV footage of Manohar going to Naina’s house on August 9, but there was no CCTV footage of him leaving the house. After this the police arrested Manohar Shukla and his wife Purnima.

Naina’s sister lodged a missing complaint
Police said that Naina’s relationship with her siblings had deteriorated due to her relationship with Manohar and on August 12, when Naina’s elder sister Jaya tried to contact her, there was no contact with her. After this he contacted Naigaon police and lodged a missing complaint on August 14.

Naina had threatened to commit suicide
Investigation revealed that on August 9, around 10 am, the two had a fight as Naina accused Manohar of marrying Purnima despite being in a relationship with her. Manohar told the police that Naina had threatened to commit suicide by consuming pesticide. She said that in a fit of anger he dragged her by her hair to the bathroom and dunked her head in a bucket full of water. After this, when Naina stopped moving, he wrapped her in the bed and went to work.

The couple left with the dead body in a trolley bag.
He was seen entering the building twice in the CCTV footage. He returned to the building with his wife and daughter at around 9.45 pm. After this he left the building with the trolley bag and left the place after placing the bag on the scooter. During this time his daughter was in Purnima’s lap. Police said that Manohar has confessed to Naina’s murder. Police said they are investigating whether it was a planned murder and whether Purnima was involved in it.

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