‘If I want…’, what did Priyanka Gandhi say in Gwalior rally regarding Jyotiraditya Scindia

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Priyanka Gandhi on PM Modi: Major political parties are starting to appear in an active role for the assembly elections to be held this year 2023 and the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year 2024. In this sequence, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi was on a tour of Madhya Pradesh and taunted Union Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia in Gwalior.

Priyanka Gandhi, who reached her area for the first time after Scindia’s rebellion, did not attack Scindia. Although Priyanka definitely said tauntingly, “If I want, I can speak for Scindia ji that how suddenly his ideology has changed, but today I have come to talk about your issues, not to mislead you. Your biggest issue is inflation.

Priyanka Gandhi on Manipur violence

Attacking PM Modi over the Manipur violence, Priyanka Gandhi said, “For two months, the entire state is burning, killings are taking place, terrible atrocities are happening with women, but leave the action, the PM did not utter a word for 77 days. Because of the horrific video going viral, he spoke out of compulsion yesterday, but even in that he mixed politics by taking the name of opposition-ruled states.”

Priyanka Gandhi on inflation, unemployment and corruption

Raising the issue of inflation, unemployment, Priyanka Gandhi targeted the BJP government by referring to the Agniveer Yojana and the alleged Patwari recruitment scam in Madhya Pradesh. Priyanka said that only 21 jobs have been given in the last three years.

Alleging scams and corruption, Priyanka Gandhi said that this is a government bought with money, so the focus is on loot. Did not spare even Mahakal. Priyanka Gandhi also raised the issue of atrocities against Dalits, tribals and women and said that there are reports of rape by BJP leader’s son. Priyanka Gandhi told the people to question the leaders, do not remain silent.

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