‘I should not be buried but burnt’ Read the story of Muslim CJI Hidayatullah on his death anniversary

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Former CJI Mohammad Hidayatullah Profile: There are many personalities in the country who are remembered forever even after their death. One such name is that of former Justice M Hidayatullah, whose death anniversary is being celebrated on 18th September. Before the death anniversary of former CJI Hidayatullah, we are going to tell you such unique things about him which you hardly know. Hidayatullah was the first Muslim CJI who was not buried but burnt. Not only this, he was the only Chief Justice who served as Acting President and Vice President.

Former CJI M Hidayatullah was born on 17 December 1905 in Lucknow and married a Hindu woman named Pushpa Shah. Hidayatullah was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court at the age of 53. The special thing is that when he was appointed, he was the youngest judge. After this, on 28 February 1968, he was made CJI i.e. Chief Justice of India.

Had expressed this wish before dying

Justice Hidayatullah was the first Muslim Chief Justice of the country. Hidayatullah remained on the post of CJI till 1970. After this M Hidayatullah was elected as the Vice President. Not only this, when the then President Giani Zail Singh went to America for treatment, he was also made the acting President. Former CJI M Hidayatullah died on 18 September 1992. His death was due to heart attack. According to the will of M Hidayatullah, his last rites were performed as per Hindu rituals because he had expressed his wish to be cremated and not buried after his death.

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