Goat’s life saved in a fight between two people, not sacrificed on Bakrid, police engaged in solving the case

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Goat fight: An interesting case has come to light in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. A day before Bakrid, two people clashed over the goat and took it to the police station. The goat had to spend the whole night in the police station. The goat was benefited by this and he was saved from being sacrificed on Bakrid.

Actually, both the men were claiming that the goat belonged to them. A day later, the number of goats was sacrificed, due to which no one was ready to relax the matter and reached the police station with the goats. The police tried to solve the matter, but seeing no solution, decided to keep the goat in the police station. Right now the police investigation is going on.

Police asked for proof

The Times of India quoted Harendra Nath Sharma, in-charge of the Civil Lines police station of Rewa, as saying that two men named Sanjay Khan and Shahrukh Khan had come to the police with the goat. Both claimed that the goat belonged to them. Sanjay said that he had reared the goat, but it had gone missing about 6 months ago. At the same time, Shahrukh told that he had recently bought this goat for Rs 15,000.

According to Sharma, both the men were claiming about the goat, after which the goat was kept in the police station and it was told that the goat is part of the investigation, it cannot be harmed. Both were asked to bring evidence in favor of their claim.

After bringing the evidence, the matter got complicated

The next day both reached with the evidence, but instead of solving the matter, it got more complicated. Sanjay and Shahrukh had reached with the picture of the goat. Both the photographs were identical, due to which the controversy deepened.

The matter was not being resolved and it was difficult to keep the goat in the police station. After this, the police decided that until the settlement is done, the goat should be kept safe with a third person. The councilor of the area was called, but by then both had agreed that the goat could be kept with Sanjay till the matter was resolved.

goat got life

The police handed over the goat to Sanjay and gave clear instructions to both that the animal should neither be killed nor harmed until the matter is resolved. Both agreed to this in writing. After going home, Sanjay sent the pictures of the goat to the police and informed that it is in good health. At the moment, the goat got the benefit of this fight and he got life.

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