‘Food and drinks have become expensive, bungalows of selected friends have become bigger’, Shashi Tharoor targeted Modi government through poetry.

Shashi Tharoor Hindi Poem: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who usually expresses his views in fluent English, has now tried to play the Narendra Modi government through a poem in Hindi. This poem by you is going viral. When he recited a poem in Hindi on Wednesday (February 7), people kept listening.

Actually, the President’s address was being discussed during the budget session in Parliament. During this, Tharoor, MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, cornered the Central Government and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman regarding the budget. He narrated, “Man has become exhausted due to the burden of debt, food has become expensive, house has become expensive.”

, The bungalows of some select friends have become bigger…’
To target the Central Government, Shashi Tharoor attacked in this manner. He said, “Let us tell you the shortcomings of the minister’s budget, starting from the head, let’s go till the feet. A few select friends have got big bungalows, we have become poor from hair to toes. I agree that you don’t dye but Many do, the dye has become so expensive that they are afraid to apply it.”
When Tharoor was reciting the poem, fellow MPs were seen applauding him by patting the table.

PM Modi has said attack on Congress
Let us tell you that in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, PM Narendra Modi has thanked the President for his address. During this, he has targeted Congress in his address. PM Modi said that the Congress which had strangled democracy in its greed for power. The Congress which had dismissed the democratically elected governments, the Congress which had imprisoned the country’s Constitution and the dignity of democracy. Who tried to lock the newspapers. The Congress which had developed a passion for creating narratives to break the country. Now statements are being made to divide North and South. This Congress is lecturing us on democracy. AAP is trying to divide the country in the name of language.
PM Modi said that the one who pushed the North East into attack and violence. Who left Naxalism as a challenge for the country. The country’s land was handed over to the enemies. Modernization of the country’s army stopped. Today he is giving us a speech on national security. Which remained confused since independence. PM Modi said that Congress was able to bring the country to 11th position in 10 years. We brought number 5 in 10 years.

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