Farmer stopped from boarding metro after seeing his clothes, security supervisor lost his job when video went viral

Bengaluru Metro: Bengaluru Metro on Monday dismissed a security supervisor from his post for stopping a farmer from using train services because he was dressed inappropriately.

A passenger had posted the video of the February 18 incident at Rajajinagar metro station on ‘X’. He said in his post, “Unbelievable… Is Metro only for VIPs? Is there any dress code for using metro services? I applaud the action of Karthik C. Airani, who raised his voice for the rights of a farmer at Rajajinagar Metro Station. We need more heroes like this everywhere. ,

What did Bengaluru Metro say?
Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) said: “Namma (Bengaluru) Metro is an inclusive public transport. This incident at Rajajinagar was investigated and the services of the security supervisor were terminated. BMRCL regrets the inconvenience caused to the passengers.

The video was later shared on various social media platforms with many people criticizing BMRCL for the action of the security staff. A video posted by a passenger on February 24 shows a security supervisor stopping a farmer from using metro service for not wearing appropriate clothing.

The passenger intervened
The passenger, who was standing in the queue for security check next to the farmer, immediately intervened and questioned the security staff on what grounds they were not allowing him to use the services.

He fought on behalf of the farmer for his right to use the metro as a citizen with a valid ticket and also maintained that his bag did not contain any items prohibited from being brought into the metro.

He also asked the security staff to show him the rule that mandates a dress code for metro passengers and also questioned the staff whether this mode of transport is limited to VIPs only. After an argument with the security staff, the passenger asked the farmer to accompany him and ensure that he traveled in the metro.

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