Fake garlic and sugar being sold in the market, it is dangerous for health, identify it like this

China’s duplicate garlic in Indian market: Claims of fake rice and fake eggs being sold in Indian markets have already been made. Now what if you come to know that the beautiful white garlic kept in your kitchen is not real but fake. A similar claim has been made by an American senator. He says that China, which has mastered the art of exporting fake goods, is now sending fake garlic to the Indian markets.

This garlic sold in the market is also being used in many homes in India. These are very white and beautiful. However, due to being duplicate, they can prove to be dangerous for health.

It is prepared from drain water
To prepare this fake garlic, it is irrigated with drain water. Also, it is prepared quickly through lead and other metals. Also, to increase its whiteness it is bleached with chlorine. All these substances are dangerous for health.

American senator said it is a threat to national security
An American senator has described garlic import from China as dangerous for national security and has demanded an investigation. Republican Senator Rick Scott has written a letter to the Commerce Secretary, citing the dirty production of such garlic, saying that Chinese garlic is unsafe.

If there is no stain on the garlic then do not buy it
If you want to protect yourself from fake garlic from China and identify the real garlic being produced in India, then the method is very easy. Fake garlic sold in the market is white. No stains or spots will be visible in these. To identify them, turn the garlic over. If stains are visible in its lower part then it means that it is genuine. If they are completely white at the back then they are Chinese poisonous fake garlic.

Investigation into claims of fake garlic
Senator Scott has also explained in detail about the different types of garlic. However, this has not been proved at present. The Office of Science and Society at McGill University in Quebec, says there is no evidence that drain water is used as fertilizer to grow garlic in China.

China is the world’s largest garlic exporter
China is the world’s largest exporter of fresh and chilled garlic. America is a major consumer of it. The US has accused China of “dumping” garlic in the market at a price below cost. To stop this move of China, America has imposed heavy taxes on Chinese products since 1990. In 2019, the Trump administration further increased taxes on the import of Chinese products.

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