Even Chinese soldiers bow their heads in front of this army soldier, news is received before any action on the border.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple: There is a soldier in the Indian Army who has not left his job even after his death. He performs his duty with full honesty even after death. Not only this, they are given salary like all other soldiers, they get two months leave, they are also given promotions from time to time and all other facilities are also given.

We are talking about constable Harbhajan Singh. Today he is known as Baba Harbhajan Singh. Actually, there is also his temple where a huge crowd of devotees gather. This sounds a bit strange to hear and read but it is true. Let us know the complete story related to his life.

How did Harbhajan Singh die?
The full name of Harbhajan Singh, a soldier turned Baba, was Harbhajan Singh Brasai. He was a brave Indian Army soldier. He was born on 30 August 1946 in a small village in Gujranwala district of Pakistan. At the age of 20, Harbhajan Singh was recruited as a soldier in the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army on 9 February 1966. Just two years later, on 4 October 1968, he died in an accident.

At the time of the incident, his duty was in East Sikkim with the 23rd Punjab Regiment. That day Harbhajan Singh was taking a convoy of horses from Tuku La to Dongchui La. Then suddenly his foot slipped near Nathula pass and he fell into a nearby drain. The flow of water in the drain took Harbhajan Singh’s body two kilometers away from the incident site.

How did Harbhajan Singh become famous?
After the death of Harbhajan Singh, some strange incidents happened due to which he gradually started becoming famous. It is said that after death, Harbhajan Singh appeared in their dream together and told about his missing body. Surprisingly, the Indian Army found his body at the same place after a three-day search. Not only this, it is also said that Harbhajan Singh appeared in his partner’s dream and requested to build his Samadhi place. After this the unit constructed his mausoleum at a height of 14 thousand feet between Jelep Pass and Nathula Pass.

establishment of temple
Later, his temple was established at the grave site of Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh’s temple is located near Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. From here he was given the status of Baba Harbhajan Singh. It is said that not only the Indian Army but also the Chinese Army soldiers come here to bow their heads in his honour.

Baba Harbhajan Singh’s temple is a major religious place for devotees. People coming here pray to fulfill their wishes and pay homage to the soul of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Every year on October 4, on his death anniversary, special programs are organized in the temple. This day is especially celebrated in his memory. On this day, bhajan-kirtan and religious programs are organized in his temple.

Baba removes the pain and suffering of the devotees!
Army soldiers guard the temple of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh’s idol, shoes, army dress, cap, bed and other items are kept in the temple. Here their shoes are also polished every day. There is a board outside the temple, in which it is told that according to beliefs, after offering water in the temple and drinking it, a sick person gets cured. Therefore, devotees keep water in bottles here and then go home with it. This water can be used till 21. In this way, it is believed that the sorrows and pain of the devotees will go away.

There is also a belief that Baba Harbhajan Singh still performs his duty in the Indian Army. Even today, he gives information about all the activities of China across the border to his colleagues in his dreams.

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