ED raid on private web portal, accused of running dragon’s agenda in India by taking money from China

ED raid on web portal office: On Tuesday (3 October 2023) morning, the Enforcement Directorate team raided 30 locations of News Click, a private web portal in Delhi. This raid is still going on. According to information received from sources, ED is investigating the funding of Newsclick under PMLA. This web portal is accused of taking money from China and running its agenda.

It is being told that the private web portal is accused of taking Rs 38 crore from Chinese citizen Neville Roy Singham. By taking this money, he wants to spread Chinese propaganda through news items in India. During the raid on the locations associated with them, the Special Cell of Delhi Police seized many electronic evidences, laptops, mobile phones and also took data from hard disks.

Case also registered under UAPA
According to Delhi Police sources, the police has registered a case under UAPA against the journalists working in this news portal. The police will hold a press conference by Tuesday afternoon and share official information regarding this action. NewsClick’s Paranjoy Guha Thakurta is seen with officers of Delhi Police Special Cell.

What did BJP leaders say on the raid?
On Delhi Police’s raid on various premises associated with Newsclick, BJP leader Dushyant Kumar Gautam said, ‘Similar action will be taken against Newsclick and any such institutions which do anti-national work. China does not like to see our country progressing, hence is trying to attack the country by using many anti-national agencies but the country is in no mood to tolerate it. Such institutions will be crushed’

What did Congress say?
Regarding the raids on News Click locations, Congress said, ‘PM Modi is scared, nervous. Especially from those people who question him on his failures, his failures. Be it opposition leaders or journalists, those who speak the truth will be harassed. Today again the raid on journalists is proof of this.

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