Due to G20, 12 flights landed at IGI Airport in three hours, 29 guests were given a grand welcome

G20 Summit 2023 in Delhi: Heads of different countries have come to Delhi to attend the G20 summit. The duty of ministers of state was imposed to receive all the heads of states. During this, security agencies were keeping an eye on every nook and corner including Delhi airport. On September 8 (Friday), at least 29 flights carrying heads of state from different countries landed in Delhi. For this, additional air traffic controllers (STOs) were deployed by Indira Gandhi Airport (IGI) to keep an eye on flight activities.

According to the Hindustan Times report, out of these 29 flights, 12 flights landed within three and a half hours. At the same time, the difference between some flights was less than ten minutes, due to which special arrangements had to be made to send the guests on board to their hotels. The flight of the Prime Minister of Netherlands and Singapore landed at a difference of six minutes.

Flights landed in very short time difference

The Presidents of Türkiye and Brazil reached Delhi in their special flights. The flights of these two guests landed at an interval of 15 minutes. According to the official, ATCO is working with 10% more staff than usual to monitor flight activities during the G20 summit. Some of them have been called from different places to work at Delhi Airport.

According to the official, a total of 55 aircraft including VVIPs are expected to land in Delhi, out of which some flights will land at Air Force Station, Palam. All these flights will reach here by the afternoon of 9th September (Saturday).

Heads of these countries reached Delhi

According to the official, for security arrangements, about 3,000 police and paramilitary personnel guarded the VVIP convoy leaving the airport and handled the responsibility of movement. The first foreign representative to reach Delhi on 8 September (Friday) was Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, who arrived at 6.20 am. At the same time, heads of state of South Africa, Britain, Oman, Russia, Japan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Egypt, Italy, Australia, America, Canada, China also reached Delhi on Friday.

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