‘Drivers are the wheels of our economy, Center should not bother’, Priyanka on hit and run law

Priyanka Gandhi raised questions from the central government on the trucks strike: The protest of truck drivers against the new hit and run law of the Central Government has got the support of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. He has also targeted the Center fiercely on this pretext. On Wednesday (January 3), he posted a post on micro blogging site X (formerly Twitter) and advised the Center to take care of the facilities of the drivers.

A day earlier on Tuesday also he had made a similar post and attacked the central government regarding the truck drivers’ strike. Gandhi has alleged that the central government is making laws that harass the people.

, Drivers the wheels of our economy?ā€
Congress national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, on truck drivers’ protest against the new law on hit-and-run cases, wrote, “Drivers are the wheels of our economy and progress. They live a tough lifestyle on very low wages, facing various hardships. They work with them. The law and the system should be humane towards them.”

Priyanka Gandhi said, “Every life is precious. It is the duty of the government to protect each one. The purpose of the law is to make the life of the common man easy, safe and justice and not to subject millions of people to torture, extortion, imprisonment and financial bankruptcy.” To push.
The work of making Tughlaqi laws unilaterally, without consultation and without involving the opposition, should be stopped.”


It is the habit of the government to take arbitrary and one-sided decisions.
Earlier in her post on Tuesday, Priyanka had said that after the introduction of the new Motor Vehicles Act, it is being seen that drivers across the country have come out on the road. After all, what is there in the new law that transporters across the country are on strike against it? There is a huge crowd at petrol pumps and gas stations. There is said to be a danger of the supply chain of vegetables, everyday goods and consumer goods breaking. Has taking arbitrary and unilateral decisions become a habit of this government? Or is it indicative of a particular mentality?”

“Why does the government make laws against the public?”
National General Secretary of Congress had said, “Agriculture law is against the farmers. Labor law is against the laborers. Citizenship law is against the citizens. Why does this government always make laws against the people? Neither the opinion of the affected party is taken nor Only discussions are held with the opposition. By suspending about 150 MPs of the opposition, a law was made against the drivers which will throw them into the maze of extortion, harassment and arduous legal process.”

Supporting the drivers, Priyanka Gandhi further wrote in her tweet, “35 lakh drivers, who are working hard and living in adverse conditions to feed their families, are in trouble today. They are in turmoil due to this crisis on their livelihood and existence. “There is chaos. People in power should not forget that democracy runs on everyone’s opinion and participation.”
Let us tell you that the Central Government has made a new law in the hit and run case. There is a provision of up to 10 years in jail for the drivers who flee from the spot after the accident and do not inform the police, against which the truck drivers had gone on strike. However, the Central Government has currently made it clear that this law will not be implemented yet, after which the strike has ended.

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