‘Do dictators…’, ‘Panchjanya’ compares former PM Indira Gandhi with Hitler on the anniversary of Emergency

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Panchajanya Articles: RSS-inspired magazine Panchjanya has compared the country’s former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with Germany’s dictator Hitler on the occasion of the anniversary of Emergency. The picture of Hitler and Indira Gandhi is placed face to face on its cover page. Whose title has been kept Hitler Gandhi.

It is written on the page of this magazine, “There is a legal ban in many places in Europe on denying or forgetting Hitler’s heinous crimes. It is a question of survival for them. This is the condition of the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in India, forgetting which can be dangerous for the existence of democracy. Let us remember the story that began on the dark night of June 25, 1975…”

Handcuffed photo of Jaiprakash Narayan

Next to this, there is also a photo of Jayaprakash Narayan handcuffed in the magazine. Whose title has been given ‘that frightening story’. It is written, “If Europe forgets the truth of Nazism and Fascism, then it will not be possible to avoid the same thing happening there again. Same is the situation with India. If we forget the emergency, then it will be doubtful for us to save democracy.

It further reads, “The ludicrous tale of the Emergency by keeping millions of people in jail, strangling democracy, law, constitution, decency, every kind of institution, judiciary, is the result of a dictatorial craze to keep himself in power. There is a story.

It is further written, “Leaving these things as past would be like allowing a Nazi party to flourish again in Europe. It is neither a question of ideology nor of politics. This is a question of protecting India’s democracy. Along with this, the Emergency has been highlighted in detail in the articles of some other writers including Shivendra Rana’s ‘Tanashaah Indira’.

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