Dipendra Singh Hooda gave a befitting reply on calling Congress 3D, got BJP’s 4D noted

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Haryana News: Congress Rajya Sabha MP from Haryana Deepender Singh Hooda has again attacked the BJP government. Hooda has retaliated on Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s 3’D’ statement. Hooda has also given the definition of the BJP government, describing it as a 4’D’ government.

What is the meaning of these 4D?

According to Deepender Hooda, the meaning of the first D was ‘Divide and Rule’, brother was told to fight with brother. While the meaning of the second D is ‘deceive’ means ‘promise and deceive’. He said that the BJP has cheated by promising Rs 5,100 pension, 2 crore jobs every year, double the income of farmers, low inflation and good days. MP Hooda has described the meaning of the third D as ‘diverting’ to divert attention from the core issues. While the meaning of the fourth D is said to be ‘robbery’. He says that the BJP government is looting the public’s pocket, taxes on cooking gas, petrol and diesel are being looted.

Shah told Congress’s 3D

Let us tell you that during his address at the Sirsa rally on Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah fiercely targeted the previous Congress government led by Bhupinder Singh Hooda. He called the Congress a three ‘D’ government. In which he told the meaning of first D is court, second D means son-in-law of Delhi and third D means dealer. He had said that the Hooda government was dedicated to these three D’s. When Manohar Lal Khattar became the Chief Minister, he abolished all three D’s.

‘Development done only in Rohtak’

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had accused former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda of getting development done only in Rohtak. He had said that Hooda’s focus was only on the development of Rohtak. While Manohar Lal Khattar has got the entire state developed.

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