Did Seema Haider say anything on the allegations ranging from ATS inquiry to manipulation of age? learn

ATS interrogating Seema Haider: Seema Haider, who came to India in love with the neighboring country of Pakistan, is in a lot of discussion these days. Seema fell in love with a boy named Sachin Meena from India while playing PUBG game so much that she left her husband and crossed the border of her country with all four children.

Sachin’s border came to India via Nepal. Started living with Sachin in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The local police has taken them into custody and interrogated them. After this the UP ATS team was summoned and many questions were asked. In this connection, ABP News talked to Seema and know what was asked from her?

Responding, Seema Haider said, “I was questioned. Every small and big thing. From laughing, crying to how I lived in Pakistan, till where I studied. Everything I did in life was told. Every little thing was asked deeply and everything was emphasized. Questions were also asked about the difference of date of birth on passport and identity card.”

Seema’s answer on being two different ages

Seema Haider told that her age was written separately in two cards. This is wrong. In my ID, my father has reduced my age by 6 years, but everyone tells their age less. According to my passport, my age is 22 years but in reality my age is 27 years.

Question on contacting someone else in India

He was asked whether he had tried to contact other people in India apart from Sachin. To this Seema replied that she did not send the request to anyone. Sachin was my friend before going to jail. They have all my IDs. All these accounts were private. When I came out of jail, I made her a public account. I did not try to contact anyone, did not contact any army officer.

Asked about the hotel in Nepal

Seema was asked that there is no record of you in the hotel where you stayed in Nepal? On this, Seema said that the hoteliers did not ask her her name because Sachin had reached there before her. He was also asked if he was afraid of going back to his country.

On this, he said, “If this happens then it will be wrong with me because I have no future in Pakistan. People are killed there in the name of pride. I am from the Baloch tribe, they will not spare me. Even before this, Seema has said many times that she will die but will not go to Pakistan.”

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