Delhi Police action on New Year’s hooliganism, case registered against 496 drivers, licenses of 347 seized

New Year 2024: On the occasion of New Year celebrations, Delhi Police has taken strong action against those who created ruckus in bikes and cars on the night of 31st December. To ensure the security of the capital on New Year’s Eve, Delhi Police conducted a late night operation. Under this, Delhi Traffic Police took massive action against those violating traffic rules. Hundreds of criminals were caught by the police at midnight.

According to the report of news agency ANI, the police registered a case against 495 people for driving under the influence of alcohol. Apart from this, 132 people were caught driving on the wrong side of the road. The police also targeted people driving recklessly. There were 47 drivers who, by driving carelessly, endangered not only themselves but also the people passing on the road. The police have taken all of them into custody and registered a case.

Licenses seized from rule breakers

Delhi Traffic Police confiscated a total of 347 licenses from those ignoring traffic rules, so that they do not violate the rules again and again. Police also took action against people roaming on the road with cars fitted with modified mirrors. Fines were imposed on 117 vehicles with illegal tinted glass. 3452 incidents of wrong parking were reported. People who did this were fined and for some, the police thought it better to take away their vehicles.

A total of 613 vehicles were picked up for obstructing traffic or violating parking rules. Police also took action against 566 e-rickshaw drivers for violations of various rules. The police remained deployed with alertness the whole night. Not only Delhi Traffic Police was seen in action, but Delhi Police also remained alert to prevent any kind of crime from being committed. This is the reason why no major incident came to light in the capital during the night.

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