‘Dear BJP Karnataka…’, Priyank Kharge hit back when BJP surrounded the issue of cow slaughter

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Priyank Kharge on BJP: Minister in Karnataka government and Congress leader Priyank Kharge has retaliated on being surrounded by BJP on the issue of cow slaughter. He targeted while sharing a tweet made from the Twitter handle of BJP’s Karnataka unit. The BJP has tweeted a video of the Congress leader alleging that Priyank Kharge is pressurizing police officers to arrest those opposing illegal cow slaughter.

Priyank Kharge’s target on BJP

Hitting back at the BJP, Priyank Kharge tweeted on Sunday (June 25), “Dear BJP Karnataka, it’s time to sack your agency that is handling the party’s Twitter handle.” It is clear that they do not understand Kannada, let alone understanding the Constitution.

With this, he wrote in a tweet, “Is BJP suggesting that cow vigilantism is legal and vigilantes of any kind should be encouraged to break the law?” Try it friends, the Karnataka government will show you the power of the constitution.

BJP did this tweet

Earlier on Sunday, on the issue of cow slaughter, Karnataka BJP tagged Priyank Kharge and tweeted, “Article 48 of the Indian Constitution clearly prohibits the slaughter of animals, especially in public places. However, Priyank Kharge is not only misusing his power by promoting illegal cow slaughter, but is also pressurizing the police officers to arrest those opposing it.

The BJP further wrote, “Self-styled constitutional expert Siddaramaiah should tell whether this is a violation of Babasaheb’s Indian Constitution or not.” If not, both need to be educated on the Indian Constitution.

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