‘Congress’s plan to divide’, BJP attacks Revanth Reddy’s statement on Bihar’s DNA

BJP on new Chief Minister of Telangana: BJP on Thursday (December 7) launched a major attack on new Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy over his statement on Bihar’s DNA. BJP said that Congress is trying to divide the country and it is falling to maintain itself.

Former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, while addressing a press conference on behalf of BJP, said, “A strange plan is going on to divide India.” An attempt is being made to divide it into North and South. The person who took oath as the new CM of Telangana (Revanth Reddy) said that our DNA is different from the DNA of Bihar. He (Revanth Reddy) has defeated KCR. There is a trace of Bihar in KCR’s DNA because his ancestors belong to Nitish Kumar’s caste.

He further said, “Earlier, a Congress MP had said that North and South are getting divided. To what extent will Congress stoop to maintain itself? The statement has been going on since yesterday. Mother (Sonia Gandhi), daughter (Priyanka Gandhi) and son (Rahul Gandhi) went to the swearing-in program, but did not return the statement earlier. There are many states in North India including UP and Madhya Pradesh. About the thinking of Congress. We want to know.

Nitish Kumar was mentioned
Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad asked, Nitish Babu, why are you silent on this? They are raising questions on your caste. They are questioning the DNA of your caste. He further said that I want to give an advice to the newly appointed Chief Minister Revanth Reddy that many IAS officers of your cadre are from Bihar. What is their DNA? You will come to know this yourself.

What did A Revanth Reddy say?
Revanth Reddy had reportedly said, “My DNA is from Telangana. KCR’s DNA is from Bihar. He is a resident of Bihar. KCR’s caste is Kurmi, he came to Vizianagaram from Bihar and from there to Telangana. The DNA of Telangana is better than the DNA of Bihar.

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