‘Congress had strangled democracy’, Rajnath Singh also attacked opposition unity

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Rajnath Singh targeted the Congress: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh strongly criticized the Congress’s claim that democracy is in danger. He asked how are their (Congress) governments in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh?

Rajnath Singh participated in public meetings in Agra, Uttar Pradesh on the anniversary of 1975 Emergency and completion of 9 years of Modi government. During this, he called the emergency imposed by the Congress on June 25, 1975, a black day for the country.

Rajnath Singh said, “Today is the day when democracy was strangled by declaring emergency in the country on June 25, 1975, but the opposition says that democracy is in danger from BJP and democracy is being strangled. I say that if this had happened then how would the governments have been formed in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal.

remembered the days of emergency

He also said that the Emergency would always be remembered as a dark chapter when lakhs of leaders were picked up and put in jail. Recalling the period of Emergency, he said, “I too used to work as the district president in a district at that time. At that time I was 23 years old. I was kept in the isolation ward in the jail for two and a half months. I came out after being in jail for 16 months.”

What did Rajnath say about the opposition meeting?

Attacking the Congress and other opposition parties, he said, “A meeting of opposition parties was called with the agenda of removing PM Modi from power at any cost. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the respect of the country in the whole world. In terms of economy, India, which came in 11th place in 2014, is today at fifth place in the world.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on the opposition unity, “A poet said – Fireflies have drunk alcohol, now they will abuse Suraj as well.” Similarly, the opposition parties have got intoxicated with power, that’s why they are conspiring against PM Modi. The truth is that Congress had done the work of strangling democracy. Emergency was imposed in 1975 and people were put in jails.

Appreciation of Modi government’s schemes

He appreciated the schemes of the PM Modi-led government, which include tap water in every household, free ration and other welfare schemes. He said, “What the BJP says, it does. We had promised to abolish Article 370 and we did and now the tricolor is being hoisted in Jammu and Kashmir.”

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