By 2047, 50% chartered accountants will be women, President Draupadi Murmu expressed hope

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President Draupadi Murmu: President Draupadi Murmu on Saturday (July 1) expressed hope that by 2047, 50 percent of Chartered Accountants (CA) working in the country would be women. The President said that efforts should be made to ensure that the profession of Chartered Accountant becomes the ‘backbone of economic governance’.

She was speaking at a function organized by ICAI on the occasion of 75th Chartered Accountants Day in the national capital. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has about four lakh members and more than eight lakh students.

‘When the country will celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence in 2047…’

President Murmu said that he has been told that about 42 percent of those who have passed the CA exam recently are women and their number is increasing. He also hoped that when the country celebrates 100 years of independence in 2047, 50 per cent of the working CAs would be women.

The President underlined that the strength and membership of ICAI is admired all over the world but still Indian companies have not reached the level of global MNCs. He said that the efforts being made in this direction will be strengthened if companies look into the regulation of various sectors and coordinate with law firms.

What else did President Draupadi Murmu say?

President Murmu stressed on the need to adopt technological advancement to ensure fair and ethical accounting practices and said that CAs have been entrusted with the important responsibility of presenting a true picture of the health of the economy.

The President appreciated the move taken by the ICAI to make it mandatory for all certificates issued by CAs to issue Unique Document Identification Numbers (UDINs).

According to the institute, so far UDINs have been issued for Rs 5 crore. A new CA (Chartered Accountant) scheme was launched in the programme. Several dignitaries including Minister of State for Corporate Affairs Rao Inderjit Singh, ICAI President Aniket Sunil Talati and Vice President Ranjit Kumar Agarwal were also present.

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