‘BJP’s success rate is 56 percent and Congress’s…’, what did PM Modi say in the BJP Parliamentary Party meeting?

PM Modi on BJP’s victory: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the party’s parliamentary party meeting on Thursday (December 7), said that BJP has become the people’s favorite to run the government. He also gave some figures. He said that BJP’s record of retaining power is better than Congress and other parties.

Sources said that in the meeting, PM Modi did not give credit to any leader but to the team spirit for BJP’s big victory in the recent assembly elections. PM Modi said that apart from victory in three states, the party’s strength has also increased in Telangana and Mizoram.

PM Modi shared these figures

According to news agency PTI, quoting PM Modi, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi told reporters that the Congress faced assembly elections 40 times while in government in those states and could win only seven of them, in which it had Including a dismal success rate of 18 percent. At the same time, the relevant figures for BJP are 22 wins in 39 elections, in which the success rate is 56 percent.

‘regional parties performed better than congress’

In the meeting, PM Modi said that regional parties performed better than Congress but not BJP, because while in power, they won 18 out of 36 times, in which their success rate reached 50 percent. He said that this shows that BJP is the most preferred party to run the government.

He said that if a party which has been in power twice in a state has to face assembly elections, then the success rate of Congress is only 14 percent compared to 59 percent of BJP.

It is wrong to say that BJP has no strength at the state level – PM Modi

According to news agency ANI, in the BJP parliamentary party meeting, PM Modi said, “The election results were excellent and our strength has doubled in Mizoram also.” Our strength in Telangana has increased manifold… Rumors are being spread that BJP is good at the Center but it has no strength at the state level, this is wrong.

‘We won Gujarat seven times, continued winning in MP’

In the meeting, PM Modi said, “Let’s see another analysis, they (Congress) remained in the government for two consecutive terms and then the opportunity came to go to the elections, Congress got this opportunity 7 times and only once they entered the third term. Could do it. At the same time, BJP remained in the government for two consecutive terms and then BJP got a chance to go to elections 17 times and it won 10 times. We have won a state like Gujarat 7 times. We are continuously winning in MP also.

PM Modi also asked the party leaders to use their preferred language while talking to the public. Giving an example, he said that they should use ‘Modi’s guarantee’ instead of ‘Modi ji’s guarantee’.

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