BJP surrounded India alliance on Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement on Sanatan Dharma, know what he said?

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BJP on India: Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare Minister and DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement that ‘Sanatan Dharma should be abolished’ is being attacked fiercely by the BJP. On Sunday (September 3), BJP national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi addressed a press conference at the party headquarters in Delhi, linking Stalin’s statement with the opposition alliance INDIA.

Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “Their agenda is clear that Hinduism has to be completely destroyed, Sanatan Dharma has to be completely destroyed, so it is not just a matter of religion and culture, it is the basis for the complete destruction of India.” ”

Mentioned Pakistan and Kashmir

The BJP leader said, “I also want to say this because those parts of India where the eradication (destruction) of Sanatan Dharma took place, the latest history is of Pakistan, what happened there? Is there a scene of devastation today or not? And what happened in India, in Kashmir? Before 2019 what was the growth rate, what was the employment rate, what was the education rate, so I want to say with conviction, their real plan has come to the fore and it is based on the infrastructure of this country, which is the knowledge base. What is the basis of development, which is the basis of prosperity, there is nothing other than to attack and destroy it.

‘The real character of the shopkeeper of love is completely exposed’

Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “In the beginning of his address, Sudhanshu Trivedi said,” You all must have seen that a statement has come from Tamil Nadu’s DMK minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, a constituent of this so-called INDIA/Ghamandiya alliance The real character of Yeh Mohabbat Ke Shopkeeper has now been completely exposed because we are saying that this is not a statement given in isolation but it has a complete consequential sequence.

What did Udhayanidhi Stalin say?

According to the news agency PTI, Udhayanidhi Stalin told Sanatan Dharma against equality and social justice and said that it should be abolished. Comparing Sanatan Dharma with the corona virus, malaria and dengue virus and fever caused by mosquitoes, Udhayanidhi Stalin said that such things should not be opposed, but should be destroyed.

Udhayanidhi Stalin referred to Sanatana Dharma as ‘Sanatanam’ while addressing a meeting of the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association in Chennai on Saturday (September 2) in Tamil. He said, “What is Sanatanam? This word comes from Sanskrit language. Sanatan is nothing but being against equality and social justice.

Udhayanidhi said, “What is the meaning of Sanatan? It is eternal, which cannot be changed, no one can question and that is what it means.” He alleged that Sanatan divided people on the basis of castes. The minister said that everything has to be changed and nothing is permanent. He said that the Left movement and the DMK were founded to question everyone.

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