BJP leader tweeted something like this, got instructions from the party to stay in Laxman

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AP Jitender Reddy tweet controversy: A tweet by Telangana senior BJP leader and former MP AP Jitender Reddy has created an uneasy situation within the party. Reddy made a tweet on Thursday (June 29) regarding the Telangana BJP leadership. A video was shared with the tweet. In the video, a man is seen kicking a yak and getting it on a vehicle.

Reddy captioned the tweet, “This treatment is necessary for the Telangana leadership of BJP”. Also tagged.

Telangana BJP spokesperson’s statement on AP Jitender Reddy’s tweet

According to news agency PTI, Telangana BJP’s chief spokesperson K Krishna Sagar Rao reacted to Jitender Reddy’s tweet. Rao said, “I condemn the haphazard, unwarranted and damaging media leaks and public statements being made by some of our party leaders. He seems to have forgotten the party he is currently representing. BJP is not Congress or BRS. It is not the culture or system of BJP to publicly criticize the party or its leadership.

Instructions to stay in Laxman Rekha

Rao further said that all the leaders who have made such statements have had many opportunities to express their dissatisfaction, personal agenda cannot prevail over the agenda of the party. He said that these leaders must know that there is a Lakshman Rekha in the party.

With this, Rao said that making irresponsible and inappropriate statements against the party and its leadership is an open display of the intention to harm the party. He said that such negligence and indiscipline is unacceptable.

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