BJP-Congress fight on social media over meme on Ram and Ravana

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MP Assembly Election 2023: Assembly elections are going to be held in Madhya Pradesh later this year. In this election, the main contest is being considered between BJP and Congress. Regarding which both the parties have started their preparations. Both the parties are adopting new methods for campaigning.

This time the Congress is more aggressive about the Shivraj government with the help of social media. Mims are also being made regarding the decisions of the Shivraj government. These mimes have been prepared with mythological symbols. BJP has strongly objected to this. BJP has now asked Congress to withdraw all these memes.

ram and ravana meme

On the other hand, the Congress says that these memes against the BJP have not been made on their behalf, but whoever has made them, the party is with them. There is a meme in which the war between Ram and Ravana has been shown and Shivraj has been made Ravana and Kamal Nath as Ram.

In this meme of a few seconds, it has been told that Shivraj, who became Ravana, shot the arrow of inflation and Kamal Nath, who became Ram, destroyed it with a gas cylinder worth five hundred rupees. This meme against inflation is becoming very popular. BJP has strongly objected to this.

What did BJP say?

BJP spokesperson Rajneesh Agarwal said that this is a mockery of mythological characters, which will not be tolerated. Action will be taken against this. There is another such meme in which Shivraj’s announcements have been made fun of. Such memes became very popular in the last assembly elections as well.

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