Big news about Aditya L1 6, will land at Lagrange point on this date

ISRO Solar Mission Latest News: Big information has come to light regarding the solar mission of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). ISRO chief S. Somnath said on Thursday (December 28) that the solar mission Aditya L1 will reach Lagrange Point 1 (L1) of the Sun-Earth system on January 6. From here the space ship will study the Sun without any hindrance. This mission was started in September this year.

ISRO chief Somnath, who arrived as a guest at the annual science and technology program ‘Techfest 2023’ of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, said, Aditya L1 has almost reached there now. Aditya L1 will reach Lagrange Point on January 6 at 4 pm. We will operate the engine of Aditya L1 in a very controlled manner, so that it can enter an orbit called Halo Orbit.

what is lagrange point

Let us tell you that ‘Lagrange Point’ is the area where gravity between the Earth and the Sun will become inactive. Somnath said that it is not possible to completely neutralize gravity, because there are other bodies like Moon, Mars, Venus also. He said that all six payloads have been tested and they are working well. He said that very good information is being received from everyone.

Also talked about Chandrayaan-3

Regarding India’s Chandrayaan-3, Somnath said that after 14 days of its contribution in collecting data, the Pragyan rover has ended forever on the lunar surface. We were hoping that it would become active again, but it did not happen. While addressing the students, Somnath said that some systems working in the lab are not able to work on the surface of the moon due to various reasons like radiation.

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