Bhujbal-Patel kept in the dark, Ajit laid the board; How did Sharad Pawar get defeated for the first time in 60 years?

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Chhagan went to Bhujbal to see the meeting and became a minister himself. Praful Patel also cheated… This statement of Sharad Pawar opened the door of rebellion in NCP. However, senior Pawar, who has been in Maharashtra politics for 50 years, looked helpless during the press conference on Sunday. There was speculation of a break in the 25-year-old NCP since April itself, but Sharad Pawar had put a stop to it.

Ajit Pawar, who became the Deputy CM of Maharashtra for the 5th time, overpowered Senior Pawar this time. Ajit did not even let his uncle get a clue about the breakup of the NCP. Not only this, after becoming the deputy CM, Ajit staked claim on the NCP formed by Pawar.

According to the NCP constitution, Sharad Pawar will need a two-thirds majority for any change, which he currently does not have.


Praful Patel and Chhagan Bhujbal played a big role in ending Sharad’s reign with Ajit. Both the senior leaders first advised Sharad Pawar to go with BJP and when Pawar did not agree, they started keeping him in the dark.

Let us read in detail how the trio of Ajit, Chhagan and Prafulla defeated Sharad Pawar this time.

First the story of the three leaders…

Ajit Pawar- Ajit, who entered mainstream politics through cooperatives, is the son of Sharad Pawar’s brother Anandrao Pawar. Initially, Ajit looked after uncle Sharad’s work in Baramati, but in 1991 he became the chairman of the Pune District Cooperative Bank (PDC). In the same year, he also became an MP from Baramati.

When uncle entered the politics of Delhi, Ajit had to leave the Baramati seat. Ajit was then elected to the assembly. When Sharad Pawar became the Chief Minister in 1993, Ajit was also made a minister. Ajit was made the Minister of State for Power and Planning Department.

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Senior Pawar formed the NCP in 1999 after rebelling against Sonia Gandhi. Ajit was given the command of Marathwada. NCP got 58 seats in 1999 elections. Ajit was made a minister in the Vilasrao cabinet.

Ajit’s stature increased after this. In 2010, Ajit was made deputy CM in Prithviraj Chavan’s government. After this, nephew Ajit has been the most powerful in NCP after uncle Pawar.

There are allegations against Ajit of irregularities in the loan given from the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank. ED and EOW are investigating the matter. In 2019, the Maharashtra government had said to withdraw the case, but the court did not accept the closure report.

Chhagan Bhujbal- Bhujbal, who started his political career with Shiv Sena, has an old experience of rebellion. In 1991, Bhujbal along with 18 Shiv Sena MLAs joined the Congress. This was a big blow for Balasaheb Thackeray.

Bhujbal has been the mayor of Mumbai in 1985 and 1991. After parting ways with the Shiv Sena in 1991, he was made the Energy Minister in the Congress government. Bhujbal lost the legislature in 1995, after which he made Nashik his workplace instead of Mumbai.

Bhujbal emerged as a strong leader during the Manohar Joshi-Narayan Rane government. He built himself an image as an OBC leader. In 1999, he joined NCP along with Sharad Pawar.

He was made deputy CM in Vilasrao Deshmukh’s government. As soon as he became the Deputy Chief Minister, Bhujbal took Balasaheb Thackeray under his grip. Bhujbal’s chair was lost in the case of giving shelter to the accused of fake stamp papers.

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However, he made a comeback in 2004 and became the PWD minister. Deputy CM was also made in 2008. After 2014, Bhujbal’s fortunes turned around. from Nashik"Lok Sabha Elections" href =" Election After the defeat, the legal screws also started tightening on Bhujbal.

He was made an accused in many cases. He was also arrested by the ACB. Later came out on bail. Chhagan Bhujbal was also made a minister in the Uddhav government.

Praful Patel- Praful Patel, who entered mainstream politics in 1985 by becoming the president of Gondia municipality, is currently the working president of NCP. In 1991, Patel was elected Lok Sabha MP from Gondia seat in Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar was in power in Maharashtra at that time.

Patel joined NCP in 1999 along with Sharad. Patel also played an important role in party formation and constitution making. In 2004, Patel was made a minister in Manmohan Singh’s government from the NCP quota. He was also promoted in 2011.

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When Patel lost the election in 2014, Sharad Pawar sent him to the Rajya Sabha. In 2019, Patel played an important role in forming the Uddhav government. In 2022, Sharad Pawar appointed Patel as the National Vice President of NCP.

Recently, Pawar made Patel the working president along with Supriya Sule. The central agency is probing the role of Praful Patel in the alleged aviation scam and PNB scam case.

How did all three write the script of rebellion…

Meeting- 1: First tried to take Pawar along
The New Indian Express report quoted sources as saying in April that Praful Patel, Chhagan Bhujbal and Ajit Pawar in a meeting asked Sharad Pawar to join the BJP, which Sharad Pawar rejected.

These senior leaders said that in old age we cannot visit the office of the Central Agency. That’s why alliance should be made with BJP. Senior Pawar suppressed the demand by asking all the leaders to wait.

Sharad Pawar played the game of resignation a few days after this meeting, after which there was a big upheaval in the NCP. Pawar also attended the meeting of opposition unity in Patna, after which it was understood by the three leaders that Pawar would not go with BJP.

Meeting-2 Equation prepared with BJP leaders
Ajit Pawar had a meeting with a senior BJP leader in Delhi in April. After this, he also got the NCP MLAs to sign a plain paper. When there was a ruckus, he came in the media and gave clarification.

Experts say that Ajit, who always talked about staying in NCP, was in continuous contact with Devendra Fadnavis and big leaders of BJP for a few months.
To help the MLAs, Ajit made the Congress a shield.

After settling the equation with BJP and getting big assurances, he called a meeting of the Legislature Party. Here, the preparations for the swearing-in were also going on silently in the Raj Bhavan. In the beginning, Sharad Pawar could not get the inkling of swearing.

Meeting-3 Pawar was kept in the dark from the meeting at Ajit’s house
On one hand Ajit was preparing to go with BJP, on the other hand Chhagan Bhujbal and Praful Patel were continuously giving assurance to Sharad Pawar. Both argued that Ajit would not join the BJP.

On June 30, Ajit wrote an article against the Shinde-Fadnavis government in the Marathi newspaper Sakal and termed it as a disgraceful government. Ajit also questioned BJP’s manipulative politics.

(Source- Sakal)

Here, Chhagan Bhujbal and Praful Patel continued to be with Pawar. On Sunday, when the news of meeting at Ajit’s house and rebellion of MLAs came in the media, Sharad contacted Bhujbal. Bhujbal told himself that he was unaware of the matter.

Pawar again asked Praful Patel about the meeting. He also denied having any knowledge about it. At the behest of Sharad, both went to Ajit’s house and then to the Raj Bhavan. According to Sharad Pawar, Bhujbal called him after becoming a minister.

Pawar is considered an expert player of power politics

1978: 38-year-old Sharad Pawar formed the government along with the MLAs along with the Janata Party. Delhi was shaken by his manipulative politics.

1988: The Congress made Sharad Pawar the Chief Minister in place of the strong leader Shankar Rao Chavan. He got the benefit of being close to the Gandhi family.

1991: Sharad Pawar was at the forefront of the race for the post of Prime Minister, but due to the publication of his name in a newspaper, his chair was in danger.

1993: PV Narasimha Rao sent Sharad Pawar from Delhi to Maharashtra. It is said that senior Pawar wanted to become the PM by helping Sonia Gandhi.

1999: When Sonia Gandhi joined Congress, Pawar saw his future in danger. After being expelled from the Congress, he formed his own party.

2004: Even after having more MLAs than Congress, Sharad Pawar did not take the CM’s chair. The reason was that there were many contenders for this post in his party.

2019: Ajit Pawar had formed the government with the BJP, but Pawar brought down the government by joining the MLAs.

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