Bhim Army founder Chandrashekhar told ABP, ‘I am not afraid to die, the attack was because of caste’

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Unique: Dalit activist and Azad Samaj Party founder Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan was attacked in the past. Some unknown people fired a bullet at him while going to a program, which came out after touching him. He was injured after that, where he was admitted to the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, ABP News has an exclusive conversation with him. In this conversation, he said, I am not afraid of dying and the attack on me happened because of my caste.

Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan said, I myself want to know who are those people who love my life more than me. He said, I always keep fighting the battle of the weak, what can be the problem for anyone if I get justice. You can protest logically but you don’t have the right to shoot someone.

Government did not approve my gun license
Chandrashekhar Azad said that I had applied for a license for myself for the last two years but the DM did not approve my license citing some technical reasons. He said, I wrote a letter to the DGP, wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, but there too no one listened to me. Because it doesn’t matter to any person whether a person of a small caste lives or dies.

Chandrashekhar said, this attack is not on me, these people want to kill the hopes of Dalits by killing me. Chandrasekhar claimed that because of him, the people of the Dalit community who used to walk with their heads bowed, have now started walking with their heads raised, because of this the people will surely suffer. The attack on me happened because of my caste because I fight against the injustice done to my people.

Bhim Army Chief further said that no one can kill me before nature. The life that I have got is given by nature, and without nature no one can do anything to me.

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