Before the special session of Parliament, 9 former Chief Election Commissioners wrote a letter to the PM, know what they said

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Special session of Parliament: The special session of Parliament is starting from Monday (18 September). The bill related to the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners is going to be discussed in Parliament during the five-day session. Before this, 9 former Chief Election Commissioners have written letters to PM Modi. In this letter, the PM has been asked to abolish the provision of the bill in which it was said that the status of CEC and Election Commissioners should be reduced from equal to the judges of the Supreme Court to equal to the Cabinet Secretary.

These 9 former Chief Election Commissioners include the names of M Lyngdoh, TS Krishnamurthy, N Gopalaswami, SY Qureshi, VS Sampath, HS Brahma, Syed Naseem Zaidi, OP Rawat and Sushil Chandra. Ex-CEC Sunil Arora has not supported the letter written to the Prime Minister. Sunil Arora said that such communication is not within the jurisdiction of the current CEC or Election Commissioners.

What does the bill say?

After the bill related to the appointment of election commissioners is passed, the election commissioners will be appointed by a 3-member committee headed by Prime Minister Modi. Not only this, the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and a nominated cabinet minister will also be included in it. Not only this, the Prime Minister will decide the name of the cabinet minister. Regarding the bill related to the appointment of the Election Commissioner, a question is being raised whether the government wants to reduce the power of the Election Commission. Now, in a letter written to PM Modi, 9 former Chief Election Commissioners have asked to abolish a provision of the bill. Concerns have been shared in the letter regarding making the salary and service conditions of the CEC and Election Commissioners at par with that of the Cabinet Secretary.

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