Babita Phogat replied to Sakshi Malik:A war of words broke out between Sakshi Malik and Babita Phogat on Twitter, know the whole matter

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Babita Phogat replied to Sakshi Malik: The movement of wrestlers protesting against BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh may have been postponed but the controversy regarding this has still not stopped. In the latest development, a Twitter war has broken out between two female wrestlers. BJP leader and wrestler Babita Phogat has responded to the allegations of wrestler Sakshi Malik and her husband Satyavrat Kadian.

He wrote in tweeting, “There is a saying that you will have to hide the mark of stigma on your forehead for the rest of your life. Yesterday I felt very sad and laughed too when I was watching the video of my younger sister and her husband.

He further wrote, “First of all, let me make it clear that there is no evidence of my signature or my consent anywhere on the permission paper that the younger sister was showing, nor do I have anything to do with it remotely. .”

‘Dharna was not in favor of the demonstration’

Babita Phogat says, “I have been saying from day one that has faith in the Honorable Prime Minister and the judicial system of the country, the truth will definitely come out. As a woman player, I was always with all the players of the country, am with and will always be with, but I was not in favor of this since the beginning of the protest.

there is a saying that
May there be a mark of stigma on your forehead for the rest of your life.
Don’t say such a thing that you have to hide after saying it as a friend.
Yesterday I felt very sad and laughed too when I was watching the video of my younger sister and her husband, first of all let me make it clear that the permission paper…

— Babita Phogat (@BabitaPhogat) June 18, 2023

Accusing them of doing politics, he said, “I have repeatedly told all the wrestlers that you should meet the Honorable Prime Minister or the Home Minister, the solution will be there, but you will get the solution from Deepender Hooda, Congress, and Priyanka Gandhi and those people coming with her. He himself was guilty of rapist and other cases, but the people of the country have now recognized the faces of the opposition, now they should come in front of the country and answer the words of all those soldiers, farmers, and women wrestlers whose sentiments In the fire, he worked to bake the bread of his politics.

He further said that the thoughts of the women players who were sitting together on the dharna were given such a direction with all the prejudices where only your political benefits were visible. Today, when this video of yours is in front of everyone, the people of the country will now understand that on the auspicious day of the inauguration of the new Parliament House, your protest and the matter of floating the medal won for the nation in the Ganges was like embarrassing the country.

Babita Phogat said, “Sister, you may eat bread made of almond flour, but I and my countrymen also eat bread made of wheat, everyone understands. The people of the country have understood that you have become a puppet in the hands of Congress. Now the time has come that you should tell your real intention because now the public is asking you questions.

Sakshi Malik’s allegation

Sakshi Malik shared a video titled The Truth with her husband. Sakshi Malik also showed the permission letter in the video in which she was given permission to sit on the dharna at Jantar Mantar. Sharing the video from her Twitter account, Sakshi Malik wrote, ‘In the video, we taunted Tirath Rana and Babita Phogat. How they wanted to use the wrestlers for their selfishness and how when the wrestlers were in trouble, they went and sat on the lap of the government.

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