As soon as the exit polls come, the fight between independents and rebels in Rajasthan? BJP-Congress are in contact

Assembly Election 2023 News: Political turmoil has once again intensified in Rajasthan. After the elections for 199 assembly seats out of 200, now it is the turn of counting of votes. Before the counting, while on one hand Congress is claiming second consecutive victory, on the other hand BJP is talking about returning to power. Which of the two claims proves to be true will be known only after the results.

Meanwhile, the exit polls have made the contest here more interesting. In fact, when you look at the exit polls for Rajasthan, there is a possibility of a hung assembly. In such a situation, with the arrival of exit polls, independent and rebel candidates have come into focus. All of them are in trouble. Both BJP and Congress are contacting such candidates.

That’s why the demand suddenly increased

Actually, a total of 10 exit polls have come out so far for Rajasthan. Out of these, there is talk of BJP getting a clear majority in 6, while in three exit polls, Congress has been claimed to return to power. At the same time, an exit poll has claimed that there will be a tough contest between both BJP and Congress. Given the tough and close competition between the two, a hung assembly cannot be ruled out. In such a situation, the independent candidate with whom he goes will be able to form the government.

In this way rebels and independents can turn the tables

If Congress and BJP do not get a clear majority here, then in such a situation only rebels and independents can sail their boat. According to the data, about 32 candidates who rebelled from BJP and 22 candidates who rebelled from Congress stood as independents. Even if half of them win, the candidate with whom they go will be able to form the government.

The strength of small parties was also visible in the exit polls.

Many exit polls have estimated that BSP may get 1-2 seats in Rajasthan. Apart from this, some other small parties together can win 8-16 seats. Not only this, some independent candidates will also register victory. In such a situation, it is clear that even small parties are still big in Rajasthan.

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