Another arrest made in Parliament security breach case, mobile phones burnt in the hands of police

New Parliament security breach: Delhi Police has arrested another accused Mahesh Kumawat in the Parliament security breach case. A total of 6 arrests have been made in this case so far. Meanwhile, the investigation team has also recovered the remains of the burnt mobile phone, clothes and shoes of the accused.

After his arrest, Mahesh Kumawat was produced in Patiala House Court of Delhi, where the court sent Kumawat on police remand for seven days. The police had asked for 15 days remand.

Police said that Mahesh was associated with other accused for the last two years and was a part of the conspiracy. He participated in almost all the meetings. He is actively involved in destroying mobile phones and evidence along with the main accused Lalit Jha.

The investigation team has made many revelations by decoding Mahesh’s Instagram. Mahesh is accused of provoking the youth as well as brainwashing them through videos. He used to post pictures of revolutionaries on his Instagram.

Played an important role in the conspiracy
Mahesh Kumawat had also helped Lalit Jha in hiding. His Instagram post has revealed that he was not only providing logistical support to the accused, but was also an important role in this group and conspiracy.

All the accused were planning for many days
The accused told Delhi Police that Lalit Jha was the mastermind of this entire episode. All the accused were connected through social media and knew each other for a long time. These people were planning for many days to carry out this incident.

Manoranjan D, who was arrested inside the House, told the police that he went to the Parliament House in March 2023 to recce the security and then made his plan. At the same time, Sagar Sharma, who was arrested inside the House, also wanted to go inside the House in the month of March, but he did not get the pass.

During police interrogation, these accused made many revelations. He told that during the recce in March, he noticed that there is a thorough checking before going inside the house, but there is no checking of shoes. For this reason, these people carried smoke sticks in their shoes.

On December 13, a major lapse in Parliament security came to light when two youths, Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D, jumped from the audience gallery of the Lok Sabha to the floor. At the same time two others Neelam and Amol Shinde raised slogans outside the House.

During this, all four spread yellow and red smoke through cans. All four were arrested by the police at the same time. Whereas the fifth accused Lalit Jha surrendered in the police station on the night of 14 December. All the accused are on remand for 7 days and the police are interrogating them.

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