Amit Shah did not mention ‘INDIA’ in the speech, told why the opposition alliance changed its name?

Amit Shah’s speech in Lok Sabha: Union Home Minister Amit Shah lashed out at the opposition on Wednesday (August 9). On the no-confidence motion of the opposition in the Lok Sabha, he said that it has been brought only to create confusion. This no-confidence motion will show the real character of the opposition in the country. The character of UPA is to do corruption to save its government.

The interesting thing in this speech of Amit Shah is that even once he did not mention the new name of the opposition alliance ‘INDIA’. In his speech, he referred to the old name of the opposition alliance, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA/UPA).

Let us inform that the opposition parties had named their alliance as ‘India’ (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) in the Bengaluru meeting. BJP has been continuously saying that nothing will happen to the opposition alliance by changing the name. His exploits will not be hidden.

What did Amit Shah say about the alliance of opposition parties?

Amit Shah said, “Now they had to change the name of their alliance. UPA was a good name… remained in power for 10 years. What was the problem, why the name was changed, I will tell you why the name was changed. So many scams… When I totaled 12 lakh crores, I stopped totaling… Scams, scams and corruption worth 2 lakh crores are in the name of UPA. How to go to the market. The company which goes bankrupt, the situation gets worse, then it changes its name. He also changed his name.

The senior BJP leader said in the Lok Sabha, “Bofors, 2G, Satyam, Common Wealth, Coal, Tatra trucks, vote-for-note scam, Adarsh ​​scam, National Herald, Vadra’s DLF, Fodder scam, Food Security Bill scam, Ghaziabad Provident Fund Scam, Harshad Mehta Stock Market Scam, Hasan Ali’s Hawala Scam, IPL, LIC Housing, Madhu Koda, Submarine Scam… UPA did it. They have no option but to change their name. I tell that I do not need to change the name. In 9 years and in 6 years of Atal ji, we did not do anything that would have to bow our heads. Will go to the field with his chest stretched. NDA has given stability.

Targeted for the tenure of Congress

The Home Minister made allegations of corruption, referring to the tenure of the Congress before 2014. He said, “They (UPA) keep saying that they will waive off the loans of farmers. We don’t just believe in waiving loans, but believe in creating a system where no one has to take loans.

Amit Shah said, “After independence, PM Modi’s government is the only one which has won the trust of most people. PM Modi is the most popular leader among the public… PM Modi works tirelessly for the people of the country. He works continuously for 17 hours a day without taking a single leave. People trust him.

Amit Shah also took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Without taking names, he said, “There is such a leader in this house who was launched 13 times but failed.” We have seen one launching. There is a mother Kalavati, she is from Bundelkhand, he went to her house. Pain is ok. Later his government lasted for six years. What did you do for that Kalavati? Modi government did the work of giving them gas, electricity etc. That’s why the Kalavati whose house you went to eat, has no distrust towards the government.

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