All summer records will be broken this year! Why the temperature started rising all over the world in February itself, know the effect of heat wave on India

Global Warming News: Due to global warming, the effects of climate change are beginning to be seen all over the world. Due to its effect, there is a possibility of record breaking heat in February this year (2024). The English newspaper The Guardian has mentioned this in one of its reports.

According to the report, due to the increase in temperature at the sea level across the world in February itself, the mercury is rising to a new record in February, the shortest month of the year. Meteorologists have blamed El Nino for this, due to which heat has increased across the world.

Why is the heat increasing?

The newspaper report said, “The Earth is warming rapidly. The temperature of the sea is increasing rapidly, due to which the climate is changing. The manner in which after 2023, there has been a record increase in sea surface temperature in 2024, it is exceeding expectations. However, intensive research is being done to understand the reason behind this.

According to the report of The Guardian, according to JK Hausfather, Earth scientist of Berkeley, February is going to be the hottest after January, December, November, October, September, August, July, June and May. The rise in temperatures in recent weeks could be as much as 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

What is El Nino?

The El Nino effect is a special weather phenomenon that occurs when ocean temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean are higher than normal. If understood in simple language, due to this effect the temperature increases significantly. Due to this, hot water in the western Pacific starts moving eastwards along the equator, which affects the weather of India. In such a situation, the South Asia region has to face severe heat and drought conditions begin to develop. India is also in this region, hence the heat increases here due to the effect of El Nino.

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