ABP News Top 5: Supriya Sule said – I will always love Ajit Pawar

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Maharashtra NCP Crisis: Senior Pawar’s action against rebels, disqualification petition against 9 people including Ajit Pawar
Maharashtra NCP Crisis: The political step taken by NCP leader Ajit Pawar in Maharashtra on Sunday, July 2, has surprised everyone. He has started his next political innings as Deputy CM of Maharashtra, then uncle Sharad Pawar has made it clear that this is rebellion and said that he will show whose NCP belongs to him. Meanwhile, Maharashtra NCP President Jayant Patil has told that action has been initiated against Ajit Pawar and the NCP leaders who took oath with him. Read More

Maharashtra NCP Crisis: ‘Will always love her like a sister’, Supriya Sule said – brother cannot fight with Ajit Pawar
Maharashtra Politics Crisis: There has been a big political upheaval in Maharashtra. Ajit Pawar rebelled against the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and joined the Shinde government along with the MLAs. Ajit Pawar took oath as Deputy CM and the eight MLAs accompanying him also took oath as ministers. After this rebellion, the statement of his cousin Supriya Sule has come. NCP working president and her cousin Supriya Sule said the current developments in the NCP will not affect the unity of the opposition parties. Read More

Maharshtra NCP Crisis: Ajit’s rebellion was not sudden, planning was going on for 1 year, Uncle Pawar could not sense the rising smoke
Ajit Pawar Rebellion: Sunday, July 2, proved to be Super Sunday in Maharashtra politics. NCP leader Ajit Pawar joined the Shinde-Fadnavis-led government, giving a major blow to his uncle Sharad Pawar. He took oath as Deputy CM. This step of Junior Pawar has surprised everyone. This step of Ajit Pawar may seem shocking, but its preparation started a year ago. Read More

Weather Today update: Clouds will rain heavily in these states including Delhi, UP Maharashtra, mercury started rising in Jharkhand, know the new weather update
Weather Today: The rainy season continues since the onset of monsoon. Rainfall continues in many states across the country including Assam, Gujarat. According to the Meteorological Department, the rain will continue in July as well. Heavy rain with lightning is expected in the capital Delhi on Monday, July 3. Apart from this, there will be light rain with thunder during the next 2 hours in Narnau and surrounding areas of Haryana. Read More

Maharashtra Crisis: Maharashtra is a tableau, big bang left in this state? smoldering rebellion
Maharashtra Politics Crisis: His brother-in-law Ajit Pawar rebelled against Sharad Pawar, who is called Chanakya of Maharashtra politics. Ajit Pawar has become the deputy CM again by joining the Shinde government along with his supporters after tearing the NCP in two. Along with this, Ajit Pawar talked about staking claim on the symbol of the Nationalist Congress Party. He said, ‘We will fight all the elections on the party’s symbol.’ Read More

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