ABP News Top 5: International Yoga Day today, Elon Musk becomes fan of PM Modi

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Today is the 9th International Yoga Day, from Siachen to INS Vikrant in the sea, there was a craze
International Yoga Day 2023 Live: Programs are being organized all over the world on Yoga Day. PM Narendra Modi has also gone on a state visit to America. Today the Prime Minister is going to do yoga at the historic ceremony being organized on the occasion of International Yoga Day at the United Nations Headquarters. The event will be attended by top UN officials, ambassadors from around the world and dignitaries from over 180 countries. Read More

Weather Today: Mercury will not rise now! Rain in these states including Delhi, UP-Bihar, know the new forecast of Meteorological Department
Weather Update Today: The weather has changed in some parts of the country. It is raining in many parts of North India including the national capital. Here people have got relief from the scorching sun, while in many parts the scorching heat is wreaking havoc at this time. Heatwave is taking a toll on life. According to the Meteorological Department, it is expected to rain on Wednesday 21 June. Read More

International Yoga Day: Yoga has become a global movement… Prime Minister Modi addressed the country from America
International Yoga Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of India on the occasion of Yoga Day from America. PM Modi said that I am connecting with all of you through video message, but I am not running away from the program of doing yoga. According to Indian time this evening at around 5:30 pm, I will be involved in a huge yoga program at the headquarters of the United Nations. Read More

PM Modi US Visit: ‘I am a fan of Modi’, Elon Musk did not stop by saying only this, these 5 big things in praise
PM Modi in US Meets Elon Musk: Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (June 21). During this, Elon Musk praised the Prime Minister of India and said that he is a fan of PM Narendra Modi, who wants to do the right things for India. Read More

Honduras Jail: Riot in Honduras jail, someone was shot and someone was burnt, 41 women prisoners died
Women’s Prison in Honduras: A shocking case has come to light in a women’s prison in Honduras. On Tuesday, 41 women prisoners died in the jail. In fact, prisoners have died due to burns in the violence between two gangs over illegal activities. Police officials have given information about this. Read More

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