9 years of Modi government: BJP’s general meeting in Delhi on completion of 9 years of central government! More than 2 thousand people participated

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9 years of Modi government: Programs are being organized at various places on the completion of 9 years of the central government. Meanwhile, a grand meeting of the BJP was organized in the Uttam Nagar area of ​​the capital Delhi on the occasion of the completion of 9 years of Narendra Modi. In which Union Minister Smriti Irani, local MP Parvez Sahib Singh, Delhi President Virendra Sachdeva, and many other BJP leaders participated. More than 2 thousand people were involved in the meeting.

Parvez Sahib Singh was presiding over the meeting. Where Smriti Irani was welcomed by giving her a mattress on the stage. On completion of 9 years of Modi’s tenure, the works done by him and the buildings and roads constructed were described. In which there was also mention of the new Parliament House. Along with this, many other routes including War Memorial, and National Memorial were mentioned.

‘They are making noises about 550 crore advertisement
Sahib Verma while addressing the public targeted the Chief Minister of the Aam Aadmi Party Kejriwal. He said that Kejriwal has not done anything for Delhi, he is making hue and cry only by advertising 550 crores. He does it only for himself, got a toilet seat installed in his house worth 4.5 crores. If someone falls ill, he does not go to the hospital built by Kejriwal, there is no clean water in anyone’s house, and an electricity bill comes to everyone’s house. Kejriwal is shining his politics, what is the trust of such a person who takes false oaths of his children.

‘Kejriwal’s house has a curtain of 8 lakhs’
Addressing the crowd from the stage, BJP Delhi President Virendra Sachdeva said that 60-70 thousand people have come daily to see the path of duty in Delhi, which has been built by the Prime Minister. He said that the National War Memorial, the Prime Minister’s Museum, and the new Parliament have all been built by the Prime Minister for the country. The country knows his work. For this reason, he will come back again in 24, and in 25 Kejriwal ke Janata will show his real place. Kejriwal puts a curtain of 8 lakhs on the house, there are 15 bathrooms in his Sheesh Mahal, Kejriwal did a liquor scam, and built a palace worth 52 crores by looting the public.

While addressing Union Minister Smriti Irani targeted both AAP and Congress. He said that the Congress party had said that no tea seller can become the Prime Minister, but the people of India shattered this arrogance of the Congress. Irani said that no matter what Kejriwal does, even a single hair of Modi will not be able to bend. When the Ram temple will be dedicated to the world, Kejriwal will again dream of Nani ji.

BJP established Ram Raj. Ram Raj means where the public is listened to, where the public is superior, and where the public gets justice. Shame on the Chief Minister of Delhi. People neither get water nor electricity in the national capital. Kejriwal only has to cut the ribbon. Kejriwal reaches where the ribbon has to be cut. They reached out to cut the ribbon for the university whose foundation I laid. Sheela Dixit, whom he was about to put in jail, is now becoming friends with her, all thieves are cousins.

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