’26/11 terrorist attack reminds of weak government’ PM Modi said in Telangana rally

PM Modi in Telangana: During the election campaign in Telangana, PM Narendra Modi fiercely targeted the BRS government and Congress. He said, “KCR’s government is engaged in looting Telangana. KCR does not even go to the secretariat, he runs the government from his farm house. A lot of injustice is being done to the Madiga community in Telangana.”

He further said, “In 2014, you replaced the weak Congress government and formed a strong BJP government and today we have eliminated terrorism from the country.”

What did PM say after remembering 26/11 terrorist attack?

PM Modi described Congress and BRS as carbon copies of each other. He further said, “On this day, many innocent people of our country lost their lives in the 26/11 terrorist attack. This day reminds us of how much damage weak and incompetent governments can do to the country. “Both Congress party and BRS are known for their corruption, nepotism, appeasement and poor law and order.”

During this, PM Modi raised the slogan, “Congress-KCR are equal, be careful of both, BJP will increase the prestige of Telangana.”

KCR betrayed Dalits: PM

Accusing the Telangana CM, PM Modi said, “KCR never leaves any chance to cheat. He cheated on his promise of making a Dalit Chief Minister. He cheated on his promise of Dalit Bandhu Scheme. He cheated on his promise of making a Dalit Chief Minister. He cheated on his promise of making Dalit Chief Minister. He went back on his promise to provide houses, he cheated the farmers.”

India Alliance will be cleaned: PM

He further said, “Recently I got a chance to go to the elections in three states. Voting has taken place in these three states, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In these three states, I saw that the India Alliance will be wiped out. Under the Congress rule, farmers Scams took place in the name of loan waiver. Maximum cases of paper leaks were reported in Congress ruled states. BRS is also not lagging behind Congress in all these matters.”

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